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100% Smelt Fish

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100% all Natural Smelt Fish 

Your pets are going to love these crunchy little fish!  They are single ingredient dog/cat treats that can be use for training or for a just because I love you treat ❤️ You can also add a couple of these little fish and use  as a topper on your pets food ideal for raw or kibble feeding. 


✨ 2.8oz of 100% Natural Smelt 

✨ Smelt fish is full of Omega 3 fatty acids, high in protein, vitamin B12, calcium, zinc and much more. Smelt also helps keep your pets coat and skin healthy and shiny. 

✨ Best edible period is 1-2 months if kept in the refrigerator

** Remember to always provide plenty of water these treats are dehydrated and can make your pets a little extra thirsty **